Breaking in composite bats

There’s one thing you need to know when buying a composite bat… it must be broken in before game play.

Unlike alloy bats which are ready for play out of the wrapper… composite bats needs to be massaged into game shape. Easiest way to do this is to simply take out a tee or soft toss pitches and hit between 150-200 pitches. As you swing your new bat just swing about half as fast as you would in a game… maybe 40 to 50% of your power for the first 100 pitches.

As you get closer to the 200 pitch mark you can then amp up the swing speed. To ensure the bat gets broken in evenly rotate your grip ¼” after each swing. By rotating the bat you’ll get your barrel broken in thoroughly.

Finally one last note… whatever you do… DO NOT HIT those yellow dimple balls at the cage. Cage baseballs and softballs with dimples are more dense than normal balls and increase the risk of you breaking your bat not in… but just flat out breaking it.

* Applies to the following bat models:

Model # 017030 – Supernova Fast Pitch Bat
Model # 011040 – Ambush Slow Pitch Bat
Model # 015031 – Flex -12 Youth Baseball Bat