NEW! Inhale BBQ Pit Smoked Seeds

Classic & Spicy BBQ

I mean who doesn’t eat sunflower seeds at a baseball or softball game??? This flavorful two pack of Classic and Spicy BBQ will have your teammates and fans begging to get their hands on them.  Classic BBQ is seasoned with a handcrafted blend of spices and slow smoked over a combination of apple, cherry and pecan wood. This is the definition of classic BBQ. For our spicy friends, we take the same BBQ rub and kick up the heat. Spicy BBQ packs tons of flavor and just the perfect amount of heat.


• Big seeds seasoned with handcrafted homemade rubs
• Slow smoked over apple, cherry & pecan wood
• Long lasting authentic backyard BBQ flavor
• Includes two, 5 oz. bags of pit smoked sunflower seeds