Mental Attitude

The game of baseball demands a unique mental attitude separate from other team sports. Here are some tips to be able to take the game head strong.

 Develop Confidence And Self-Belief

If you don't believe in yourself, who will? Everyone around you can tell you how good you are, but if you discount this encouragement, it will never enter your head and heart. The mental game of baseball helps you build an inside-out foundation of self-approval so your confidence flows. 


Push your mind.

It’s not all about mechanics – There are players with beautiful swings who just can’t seem to connect with anything, and players with truly ugly swings who seem to hit every ball that comes their way. This is probably the most important thing for any hitter who wants to be successful. You need to be constantly telling yourself “I know I can hit” regardless of who’s on the mound.


Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ask your coaches what your strengths and weaknesses are, and tweak/tailor your approach at the plate. If you’re a bigger person with good power but less speed, you need to try and drive the ball deep, whereas if you’re a player with good speed you want to focus on putting the ball in play and using your speed. Take advantage of your strengths and you’ll maximize your effectiveness at the plate.



You have to mentally see yourself succeeding. Whether you know the pitcher or not, you can imagine all of your at bats the night before a game, imagining how you want to swing, the types of pitches you might see, and seeing all the work you’ve put in to build up your physical skills with your mind paying off.



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