About Us

Our story began when three individuals from very different professional backgrounds were brought together by their shared passion for diamond sports and desire to produce a better bat.​ 

This passion goes back many years, but it was in 1996 that we manufactured our first model in a private labeling venture for another bat company. In 1999, we designed and produced our first multi-wall bat featuring our patented Power-Arch Technology. After development was completed, the company it was designed for underwent a major upheaval and delayed the bat’s release.​ 

Rather than allowing this groundbreaking performance technology to sit on the back burner, we took the bats to a local tournament and shared our design with members of our extended diamond sports family. The response was overwhelming, and we were instantly bombarded with inquiries on “How do I get my hands on one of those Anderson bats?” Thus, Anderson Bat Company was born…​ 

The Anderson Bat Company vision is Game Improvement by Design. It is our desire to be interwoven into the fabric of our national pastime and to have Anderson Bat Company become synonymous with better baseball and better softball.​ 

Our commitment to this vision involves every facet of the game that we can reach, and it is an uninterrupted cycle of renewal. Improved products improve the players, improved players improve the game, and the improved game is the inspiration to improve the product . . . and the cycle renews itself.​ 

Our dedication to the cycle includes a constant, careful assessment of how today’s game is played and a vigilant examination of the player that plays it. This investigative progression toward perfection provides the inspiration for a focused approach to developing the highest performing bats on the field.​ 

Over the last decade, our labor of love has evolved from a private labeling operation into the industry’s leading manufacturer of alloy and composite baseball and softball bats, and the best is yet to come!